Looks like Trump has narrowed his veep picks to Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich. This marks a significant shift away from The Romney/Bush Republicans’ white corporatist nationalism (a variant of protofacism), to a full embrace of yobbonihilism.

I’m betting on Christie. His gas tax in New Jersey shows he’s willing to give constituents the ritual assfucking whites crave. Sure, Newton Gingrich is ready to rub their little pink noses in their own shit, and that’ll get the oiks as hot for him as they are for flipper-handed infant Michael Gove among the linen-pissers in Old England. But he looks more like someone the mob would leave in the trunk of an Audi than someone who’d put his opponents on meathooks while he yanks it, and that’s unforgivable in a Republican.

It’s the new Axis, really. The meat pie suckers and skinheads in the rump of the former United Kingdom, and our own Italian loafered bedshitters leading a tribe of Jebusites-militant. This time, they’ll be able to forge a common purpose with the Russians, who share the bliss of pure historical unconsciousness.

The world they want isn’t worth the shit-paper to which they’ll convert international norms, and our press is lapping their balls like a hog on a field of truffles. There isn’t a prison cold or remote enough for any of them.