I used to say it was Ron Fournier who dicked up the AP, but they were already dicked up to the throat by their natural white state supported feeder school shithead bias. Every writer I ever knew who made it out of one of those cow colleges with their ovaries or balls in their own possession would be denied work at the AP, because they could think on their own, and that became a motherfucking sin among the Reaganites and the go along to get along motherfuckers who dreamed about eating shit live on your television. And yes, I’m talking about that turdnibbler Chuck Fucking Todd*.
So now we’ve got a fucking realtor running for president. A shitstain who sets houses on fire to get insurance. An honorary white Ohioan, in short. Well, good luck with that, you mayonnaise scarfing Chuck Todd blowing bastards. In my perverse way, I hope you’re the first on the train when that “reasonable Republican” assigns you your card for the camps.
In the meantime. I’m joining with millions of black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans to try and save you from your own worthless white-ass selves.

*Tod is DEATH in Deutsch, for anyone who is credulous enough to listen to that carelessly manicured shitbeard.