This douche was all over Romney’s scrod, and screeching that “Obama’s supporters” were “too lazy to vote” in 2012. Here he is with his classic default to “his wife’s opinion.” She does a lot of heavy lifting for the white mayonnaise addled swing voters of this country.

jeff (the mild-mannered one) said on September 7, 2016 at 9:15

Oy. Matt Lauer wasted the first ten minutes of the thirty with Hillary on private server follies; and Trump at least proved that he knows how to filibuster like a senator. My wife (very much a Clinton supporter) said at the end “yikes, he came off awfully well in the whole thing.”*

In our chunk of Ohio, Hillary signs are three times as prevalent as Trump placards. If that means anything… Strickland is just flailing, and that’s not going to help Clinton carry the state; he’s got “I’m pro-Planned Parenthood and Portman isn’t” and not hardly anything else to say, and I’ve been listening. Even his own ads (and he doesn’t have many) are cringe-inducing; Portman’s non-coordinating super PAC ads are pretty well in step with his own, which just bang away on the jobs and deficit and children services cuts during Strickland’s term as governor, and Ted’s just got nothing coherent to say other than “my family grew up poor” which is only a starting point, not a platform.

Clinton’s still polling above the MOE in Ohio, at any rate.

I call it “The soft stupidity of Ohio”

Some commentariats are immune to the learning, but you be you, NPR recipe sites.

*A thing no Clinton supporter would ever say. Utter lying ass bullshit.