Little doo-dads from the woods.

Pile-Itch Jimly Joe: You gotta hand it to Trump. He know how to do up a place in gold. Hillary got woman parts, and there wouldn't be no place for her on the rugby team once we got to playin' grab ass real hard.

The Mild Mannered Fascist: Hoho and quotha, Jimly Joe. I can't bring myself to trust these emails. They are positively negroid in their lack of respect for the simple man who merely wants to dress up in his Sam Browne belt and khakis on weekends.

Closet Dan: I know what you mean, Pile-Itch. I saw Romney on the beach and I told him:"There were two times I cried in my life. Once when Reagan died, and when you lost to that Muslim." Anne pinched him and said "I told you we shouldn't have gone to the public beach. It's full of these things." And I nearly cried again because I knew in my heart I would always be there to lick their shoes.

The Mild Mannered Fascist: Huzzah! Only white strivers know their place! I mean that as a commendation and a salutory reflection upon the plasticity of your spine!