at this election, you’ll remember it as the one that showed which of your neighbors were filthy with a special brand of American racism. Maybe you’ll even stop inviting them into your homes, or sharing meals with them, or passively listening to them as the corruption of the grave starts to seep out of their mouths, or accept their direct falsehoods as the product of a tough upbringing, or well-meaning ignorance.

But my experience shows Americans prefer to tell themselves their neighbors would never herd them on to cattle cars, or buy their homes on the courthouse steps after they’ve been deported, or removed to a camp. But in this, as in all things, listen to the people who have been there. Blacks. Jews, Native Americans. Not the mayonnaise lickers who started us down this path, and not their enablers. The shun is long overdue. It is the most effective restraint on the reign of hatred.

EDIT: And don’t forget they would have sold us out to the Russians. Traitor trash, every last one of them: