It’s a godawful small affair
That Donald Trump has just boinked a chair
And Britannia released the hounds
So Nigel Farage could blow our clown
Now Mike Pence is nowhere to be seen
There’s a rumour he’s just bluescreen
With a haircut from Johnny Quest
And a Trumpsteak laid on his chest
But the flim is a saddening flam
Donald Trump is a rancid ham
Now Paul Ryan has boned his ghost
Switched the wine for piss with the host.

And he asks you to focus on races
Farther down the ticket
So far, maybe Trump can’t dick them too. Unless he calls them a Jew.
Take a look at the lawmen shooting up the brown guys
Oh man. Wonder if they’ll ever know
It’s the Pepe the frog show.
Could these fucks sell cars?