For some reason I keep thinking about what Martha Gellhorn said about some housefraus from the outer suburbs of Berlin in the immediate aftermath of the war. She’d just witnessed the liberation of some of the camps,describing the victims as skeletons, picking at their lice, no apparent age, all identical.

Then she spoke to some German women who were upset about what the allied bombing and their subsequent advance had done to their possessions. They were sitting outside of the shells of their houses bitching about their houses and furniture being fucked up.

That’s where I see the people who enabled Trump- The Jill Steins, Susan Sarandons and the weasel fucking shitcakes who convince themselves they know something because they are willing to listen to NPR suck Republican dick. I have a murderous contempt for these people, and hope at a minimum their suffering will meet or exceed the levels of the people whose interests they shunned or ignored because they didn’t meet the test of sufficient whiteness.

If this country really wants to blow its brains out, I say go for it. I wish it a share of pain proportionate to its cringeworthy arrogance and stupidity.