The Klan “marched”* through Roxboro yesterday, because they know where they can get their cods licked best. It’s a preview of what we can expect under Pussy Grabbin’ Hitler. By next year the Police chief will be master of ceremonies, instead of just, you know, blocking the streets off for the Nazis.

To those poor whipped-ass souls who think I “spend too much time talking about race,” suck it. Blow it out your ass. Fuck off. Just because you think you live somewhere insulated from the results of this election doesn’t mean there isn’t a boot already aimed at your ass. Read a fucking book.

In fact, read a few. Here’s a starter list:

1. The American Slave Coast: A History of the Slave-Breeding Industry Ned and Constance Sublette.
2.The Half Has Never Been Told.   Edward Baptist
3. The internal Enemy: Slavery and War in Virginia 1772-1832 Alan Taylor.

Keep sucking up to that Republican slime. Humoring that trash, and breaking bread with it. They’ve already fucked the country, and now they’re coming to fuck you.

Read the comments on this motherfucker, and meditate on how much of a shitsump of white fuckstickery it is and has always been: