These look like the kind of people the Courier Times might arrange a three week editorial page section for, or hire full time as a kind of floating political desk. Maybe these guys’ granmaw will show up at the BASIC meeting to talk about how “the Klan ain’t bad, jes’ a little rough around the edges.”

I’m wondering which other terrorist organizations the Roxboro police will permit to march. (Not really- there’s only one terrorist organization they can really get behind. It’s the pool from which the draw their skinhead trash.)

Person County should be reinvested with Federal troops, to dismantle the network of old white sociopaths and the “men” who suck their asses. It’s a fartchute of scuzzy realtors and top-heavy plug-chewing Crisco-stuffed clowns. The transparent legacy of its slaver origins is even audible in the Piedmont mill dialect none of the bozos seem to be able to shake, even with the full six years of a prime Person County education.

All this fuckhole makes is dumbass high school football players and former high school football players who are dumb as the day they got their first concussion. Look folks, there are only so many car dealerships around here to staff with white-matter damaged dribbledicks, so you might want to rethink that whole “head banging-as-entertainment” thing. It’s not just a bad look, once it crosses state lines, it’s a Federal offense.