Ashley was right. A bunch of fuckmooks.

Take tittie-haunted Indiana aphasic Brian Stouder, for one. Condemned to believe the last thing he’s heard from a Republican’s lips until he slips at last into a bathtub full of his Diet Pepsi based urine, he fancies himself an amateur historian. It’s more that he’s a pro at sucking at life, and his endless Lincoln homily/recitative is a protracted hymn to his tunnelvision. But he’s by no means the biggest fuckmoo-…

Wait. That’s someone else’s term. I favor “Fuckbubble meniscus.” More of a visual person, I guess.

Between Pilot Jimly Joe and Jeff Gill there is only enough light to illuminate the dust particles streaming past the glory hole at Gannet. To the rest of the tits who believe Trump isn’t going to go through their pockets and leave traces of his hand cleaner in their orifices, good luck. It’s the post truth generation ,baby, and if what it’s going to do to the Blacks, Jews, Native Americans, Muslims, Gays, Lesbians (basically anyone who isn’t a toothless hillbilly shitsack) is any indication, nobody should be bothered to listen to you on your way to the showers.

I wasn’t going to post this, but goddamn if fascists don’t chap my ass. They’re all cowards who require a group to attack an individual.

Hey Deborah. I just received a book from the Chicago Architectural Society about Edgar Miller. I’ve been swimming in that book. Did you or your husband have anything to do with putting it together? It’s gorgeous.