I think what I’ll remember most about this period is the streak of contrarianism that led some middlebrowed shitheads to sidle up to Republicans and advocate for a “discussion” of white grievance, as though it were an actual thing instead of a lump of shit straight out of the paranoid style playbook.

They were the bloc McCrory was trying to motivate with that HB2 bullshit, e.g. “I think Trans people being able to pee in the bathroom of their choice is a step too far!” They aren’t even self-aware enough to recognize the cheap semantic drift welling up from their own phobic personalities. It’s not merely a beam in their eyes, it’s a whole edifice that they are willfully blind to.
And it isn’t a forgivable form of ignorance. It’s moral laziness in its most inimical dress.

That they’re wringing their hands and shouting “How could this have happened?!” is merely a prelude to their natural state of utter capitulation. They’ll convert sooner, rather than later, and will gladly assist in the pogroms.

EDIT: Thanks to you Nazi enabling shitfucks:

Never tell me Republicans are anything but a smear of shite again. And if you lack basic reading comprehension, as in being able to note the linguistic tics of a palpable Nazi fraudass, by all means don’t write.

EDIT 2: Fuck Republicans and the Hitlerian shit they rode in on. This is you. Eat it raw.