It’s not just the Republicans. Most of us already knew they were human shit, devoid of higher cognitive function, whose bhakti is money. But they’re merely a significant minority. We could imprison the whole gibbering clownish wheelbarrow of freaks within a matter of days, and begin to rebuild the world they’ve made every effort to destroy.

What they require to survive, beyond the blood of the poor, is the acquiescence of middlebrowed, self-satisfied whites, who have a misplaced confidence they’ll never be the victims in this zero sum game. They’ll be free to ape liberal views and act as racists simultaneously. They believe they’ll never have to look across the table at their Republican dining companion and think I’m the next fucking course. They believe his torture advocacy doesn’t apply to anyone within spitting distance of the messianic code of Gonna get your money too! that animates these creeps.

Because you’ve internalized their ridiculous value system. You’re the sad shadow of their drive to consume, and you desperately want some of that gloss. That car, that overgrown brick monstrosity, that facelift, that child dressed to identify as part of the cult of GET. Collaborationist whites even have their own branded news sources to help them through the dissonance that attends compliance. It echoes their unwillingness to lend any credibility to the voices Republicans despise.

And that’s why the feeble and the old who are beginning their ultimate migration to Fox News, the Berniebro and his pseudosocialist religion, and the schlubs curled up in front of the idiot box to vicariously fuck, marry, or kill, will be among the first cut down, revolution or no. You can’t live as true human beings between the wheels of justice and injustice. You can only be crushed to complete irrelevance.