Kevin Williamson is not some outlier in the Religious right, he’s the noxious protofascist heart of the whole grift. They all want to kill or otherwise abuse women, and they want to single out black women for the most draconian medieval treatment.
You can keep pretending these people aren’t murderers by nature, if that makes your stupid white ass happy, but they’re coming for you. You can tell yourself a political party wouldn’t advance such an agenda simply to seize power and loot the treasury, but you’d be a flaming dipshit.

You can believe that individuals who pretend to “pro-life” views are earnest little whackaloons who are unconscious of being deceived, but you’re an even bigger dumbass than they are. They know they‘re lying. They know their entire schtick is precipitate to mass murder.And they DON’T. GIVE. A. FLYING. FUCK.

These are not people to be reasoned with, or argued with. They are people to be contained. Isolated. Ostracized. Jailed. Nihilism is not a fucking belief system. Stop pretending it is.