this town is just chock full of skinheads just itching to help a black family. I’m just too judgmental about Trump voters.

Every time I see another report from the asshole of America, it will remind me that this stupid shit appeared on Nancy Nall, and they keep throating this propagandist’s choad.

Yesterday, at a gas station in southern Ohio, I saw an interesting sight. There was an SUV with its hood propped up and three very frustrated individuals crowded around it trying to figure out what was wrong. A beat up red pick up truck arrived in the parking lot. A man in his 60s got out. He walked over to the SUV and started talking to them. When we pulled away from the gas station, he was trying to help them with their car. It was a friendly interaction by someone who genuinely wanted to help.

The pickup truck had a Trump-Pence bumper sticker and a Confederate flag on it. The man also wore an open carry sidearm on his belt. He was white.

The three occupants of the SUV were African-American.

I still haven’t seen any takedowns of this Paul Harveyesque racist cracklicking on that blog. It’s now virtually a daily celebration of Republican daddies out there. There’s a terrifying deafness for clumsily written white power tracts. It’s primarily the old limpdicks there who continue to applaud such horseshit, but they ain’t the primary ass-kisser.