If you think for a goddamn moment your Republican “friends” won’t come for you if there’s anything to be gotten from it, like your land, your household goods, or your cash, then you haven’t been paying attention. Do you think Trump is going to whip his malignant base into a murderous cult just to stop it short of the reward he’s promised them? Nothing will be forthcoming from his or his cronies’ pockets. It’s all going to come from the gullible schmucks who trusted in the basic decency of the people who gave us Richard Nixon, George W. Bush and his Iraq debacle, the legitimatization of torture, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, the blackshirts at Charlottesville and a rapist on the Supreme court.

Do you believe your life is more valuable to a Republican than the life of an Hispanic child in a cage? Than a women’s health provider seated at Sunday worship, or eleven innocents slaughtered at synagogue?

If you believe these things how the fuck is it you haven’t wandered blithely out into a thoroughfare and into the path of an oncoming car? How haven’t you mistakenly eaten a handful of rat poison or put your hand into a whirling circular saw? Because you’re a clear and present danger to yourself, and can barely be trusted with your own life. So if you’re still entertaining the idea that a Republican wouldn’t gun you down for the price of his lunch, you need to stop visiting the subjects of history or politics. You don’t know enough about either to do anything except sit quietly and eat a bag of cotton balls chased with a pint of WD-40.

Stop wringing your hands and pearl clutching over the shit you enabled. Just suck it up already.