When thou hast worked for “news” organizations funded by venture capitalists.


Repug? Yup. Bible spouting fuckwit? Yup. Two. Two. Two times the trash.

Another authoritarian midwestern shit forced to back off his antidemocratic plan. Fucker ought to be jailed until he don’t breathe no more.

That ass you’re kissing supported the murder of innocents. A US led genocide sponsored by the Republican Party. These fucks would have been hanged straight out of the dock at Nuremberg. It’s a god damned pity that every one of them won’t be jailed. Every torturing, murdering, racist piece of
Republican slime should be on road crews picking up garbage until they die.

A “liberal” or two who love deep tonguing that Republican ass. It’s because they’re racists in waiting.

They just want to keep getting invited to parties where there are interesting people, instead of the fuckwits who actually share their beliefs.

Everywhere racist whites are in control is a squalid hellmouth.


Hit the fuckers with everything we’ve got. Cruise missles, cluster bombs, daisy cutters. Then send in the Special Forces to round the survivors up for a ride to Gitmo. No due process. No mercy.

Right, Republicans?

Would just a little more respect for public racism make white men stop killing? At least that seems to be the question white concern media seems to be asking.

This racist-ass country will likely never grow out of its psychosis.

Let’s have another pity party about poor misunderstood white fuckers in the white fucker heartland!

Maybe they can tell us why their collective hallucination is so deadly: