…of cartoon schoolmarm and Chaim Rumkowski ultimately leads. I wonder how many of you will be angling for those ghetto polizei jobs.


to read about the tribe-ulations of the poor crazy white motherfuckers in Ohiertucky.


If this smiley idiot had been in the Hindu Kush, our air force would have already napalmed the shit out of his whole fucking region.

But let’s have another book length essay extolling the virtues of hill country white trash.

It’s a scrum of Nancy Nall commenters.


Happy diabetes, oiks!

From my upcoming book Chickenfuck Eulogy. Available through National Review and The Federalist by private subscription.

How many of them could even envision the world outside of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky, where a young man couldn’t show his mettle inside a shrieking barred rock, or Rhode island red? it was another world out there, a world with books, jobs, and people who wouldn’t fuck their sister, much less a shapely unbattered and fried hen.

SRSLY: Suspect In Subway Terror Scare Has Pending WV Criminal Case For Making Sex Video With Chicken

from Nancy Nall’s blog needs to be under observation. He’s going to kill somebody, likely himself.

basset said on August 16, 2019 at 7:40 am

Armed and “shopping with a woman who appeared to be his mom”… that says a lot right there.

Last deer season I walked into a Walmart outside Nashville in full camo with a pistol visible in a belt holster and nobody appeared to notice. Guess I just look innocent, or at least non-threatening.

One of the gun-nut locals did that. Advocated for guns in the schools, etc. Then one day he dresses himself in black and sprays his brains all over the wall of his garage. It’s part of a pattern with distressed old white dudes.

And you’d eat it with a spoon.


You inbreds are a death cult.

Some NPR Republican ought to write a sad book about his tribulations.

FBI agents find 25 guns, 10,000 rounds of ammunition in teen’s bedroom following threat

…you creep. No matter how you try and spin it, your Republican buddies are childfuckers.


And you Republicans can fuck on off out of our country.


You don’t even deserve to live in a modern society. Go eat shit in some desert backwater.

Sounds like our local gun nut cracklickers. Might as well ship the shitlegs all back to Russia where they belong. Evil fucking white trash.

MISSOURI: Terror Charge For Armed Man Who Wanted To “Test” 2nd Amendment Rights At Walmart [VIDEO]

You see a fucker in public with an AR-15, you do your best to kill that sick fuck. You got a neighbor who likes playing with kill sticks? Your neighbor is fucked up, and deserves to be deported.