It’s like Hunter S. Thompson said. It was over when they installed Bush. The Generals and the racist court and Wall street set this country on a Fascist trajectory from which it will never recover. If ever there came a day of justice, all Republicans would sicken and die away, like motherfucking Putin’s critics. But there will be no justice as long as Republicans are anywhere close to the seat of power, much less in charge.

for the loathsome fecal encephalopaths from Michigan’s “Fuck ’em if they’ll have ye” lege, but it’s a little odd to see erstwhile “liberals’ jump on this shitwagon. Dissent is only for Koch-funded cosplayers?

My advice to people who are dismayed by the protests is to get the fuck on over to the bumfuck in Russia your serf-ass soul was hatched from, and drink bug spray with God’s own cirrhotic slaves.

At any rate, Just fucking give up all pretense of being a free people, because you haven’t got the guts or the brains for it.

Just the cock, or will they throat the balls too?

I was a little shit in High School, nowhere near the liberal I am now. I had yet to learn just how much the ambient atmosphere of American racism made most of my assumptions pure bullshit. I’m sure i’ll go to my grave with a head full of racist misconceptions. We are all in some ways victims of a kind of creeping intellectual poverty.

But this is not the kind of joke anyone I would have associated with would have made. It would have earned them the shun among everybody except the most loathsome redneck trash and/ or the football team. But there were plenty of parents who promoted this kind of shit. All Republican.

Never let a Republican refer to Robert Byrd again without ripping them a new asshole.

To let Nazis live.

The Cambridge sound returned to us in the form of a dadaist angel.

But you insisted your Republican friends weren’t Nazi shit. They were “good eggs” and “Not the enemy.”

The veneer of civilization is shockingly thin, and kissassing Republicans only made it thinner. Sympathizing with their antipathy to blacks made it thinner. Failing to fight them every time they opened their filthy yaps made it thinner.

So as I have mentioned before, suck it up and enjoy the bed you shat. You’ll need a lot more forbearance, dignity, and courage to face what’s coming. Because after all those years in that “both sides” bubble, you can’t even begin to imagine it.

Keep licking that Republican crack, videots.

Roxboro is full of jarhead cops with “Fashy” haircuts. Human garbage. Coming to a midwestern craphole near you!

No Jeff Secessions, no more Trump. General strike time, motherfuckers.

Show this to the Republican “friends” whose shit you so love to eat.