Nancy Nall view. Incivility only refers to people calling out the obvious.

The drive to have a few more Republican dinner guests turn out to be one of the cogs of a dumbass fascist state


Looks like Republicans and their enablers are very, very sad thay can’t get either a bite to eat OR suck up there in DC. Times is very hard for Nazi shit. But not nearly hard enough.

Until they cant venture into the street without their clothes being soaked with spit, or catching the stray brick to the face, the likes of Sharia Sanders and Stephen Miller are having it too goddamn good. They need to get back underneath their slimy rock.

Way down upon the old Rick Snyder
Up by the lake
That’s where the old folks just get whiter
Giving the white folk’s take

Old, leaking out of grampy’s trousers
Old is the stain
Gatherin’ beneath the Barcalounger
That’s just the old folk’s refrain.

Sometimes they talk of what they’re eating
Sometimes it’s just TV
Most times it’s with the vegetating
Leaking a few pints of pee.

Go down upon the old Rick Snyder
Throat, throat it deep
Drink your water while it’s still unleaded
Sleep, sleep the white folk sleep.

When you cozy up to torture apologists, you share their guilt. Period. I don’t care if it’s some jackleg preacher who makes with the boo-hoo-hoo about racist hillbillies and their inbred dance of death.

Your Republican chums built this. I don’t care if you dislike me for saying it. Eat shit, in fact.

Jessica Valenti asks “How can America sleep at night when families are being separated?”

America will sleep and eat and carry on as it has always done while it wallows in crimes against humanity. Its deaf suburban whites will throw liquor parties while a couple of blocks away, families are struggling to eat. While black kids get thrown into jail for 30 years for smoking pot. While families the next city over are without potable goddamn water.

They’ll talk about what’s on the motherfucking television while their neighbors hoard guns. They’ll go deer hunting while their government destabilizes foreign countries, or commits economic sabotage against poor indigenous peoples on behalf of white oligarchs throughout Latin America. And when those uprooted people show up here, they’ll be greeted by what America should really be famous for: its childish petulant silence. That cold white shoulder.

America invented the concentration camp, the self righteous slaver, the two-faced careerist preacher and the dumpy white potato of a citizen slop-hogging at a jar of some shit processed junk while sitting fucking stunned in front of a TV. We’ve been through it cycle after cycle after cycle.

And we still have the fucking effrontery to act like this isn’t part of the national character. The only way to arrive at this moral ambivalence is through illiteracy. And y’all are some dumb, no-reading motherfuckers. When you crawl in your bed tonight, half drunk or whacked on some benzodiazapenes, you might as well stick your thumbs up your ass, pull them out and give them a sniff, because that’s as close as you fucking peckerwoods will ever come to knowing jack shit about anything.

She’s complicit in the murder of nine people in Charleston. She needs to die in jail.

Every one of them. Down to that core of liquid shit.

Keep sucking them off. Eventually you’ll get a mouthful.

When Reagan spoke at Philadelphia Mississippi, he confirmed what had long been incubated in the involuntary nervous system of every Republican piece of shit. From the day Hitler took power, Republicans made a beeline toward the new monstrosity. It expressed their fundamental desires in a way they couldn’t after the anti-lynching laws were passed. Here was the white savior racist America was willing to take to its breast.

The Republicans lost WWII in 1945. Their side could just as easily be the last SS defenders of Dachau, taunting the liberators with their insistence on the rule of law over the infantile cult of the leader.

Republicans built our new concentration camps. And they’ll fucking burn when we liberate them.

Averitt wanted to go to where the Americans were holding the captured Nazi SS troops. Most of the regular German soldiers had fled before we took over the camp. The SS, though, had remained, vowing to fight to the death and kill as many of the inmates as they could in the process. Our guys had them lined up in front of a wall just opposite a shallow stream that ran along the inside edge of the compound. As we approached, we could see the SS sneering defiantly at their captors, hurling insults and arrogantly laughing.


One of the younger ones was on the run, having dodged the bullets and exploited the confusion well enough to flee. […] We split up and captured him cowering down against the wall. He looked like he was in his early twenties. […] We brought the Nazi back over the bridge and were heading in the direction of the infantry when we heard a commotion coming from the prisoners within the compound. They had run up to the fence and were waving their arms, screaming, calling for us to bring this Nazi to them. The SS trooper glared at them with hatred and contempt. […] The emotion of the moment overpowered us. We pushed the Nazi toward the fence, the guards swung open the gate and we shoved him in.


The Americans had found a few more SS hiding around the place and were lining them up against a wall in another part of the compound for execution. Averitt said he heard one of the brash Germans yell out, “You are required to adhere to the Geneva Convention and give us a trial.” An infantryman yelled back, “Here’s your trial, you bastard! You’re guilty!” And with that he shot the Nazi in the forehead.

And this is how it’s done:
Lt. Col. Howard Buechner, a doctor with the 45th Division, wrote the following in his book entitled “The Avengers”:

Virtually every German officer and every German soldier who was present on that fateful day paid for his sins against his fellow man. Only their wives, children and a group of medics survived. Although a few guards may have temporarily avoided death by disguising themselves as inmates, they were eventually captured and killed.

Arthur Haulot, a prisoner in the camp, wrote the following in his Dairy:

April 29, 1945. Last night an international inmate committee secretly formed, which was instructed to enforce calm in the hours that followed and which was to take over management after liberation.

We notice in the morning that the camp-SS left. Two fighting troops take their place and take over the guard.

The fighting begins in the afternoon. […] One guard after another waves the white flag. […] The soldiers in the last watchtower surrender. […] The SS-men caught on the other side are publicly ridiculed. If they would fall into our hands, we would tear them apart. The SS-officers are executed the same afternoon. At night the soldiers suffer the same fate. The Americans say: “Since we saw the first camp, we have known. We understood that we were not engaged in war against soldiers and officers, but against criminals. We treat them like criminals.”

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-EDIT: Your white trash country isn’t just slowly poisoning children anymore. It’s putting them in cages. Try and think about something other than the shit you’re tucking into at some fake French Restaurant.