Hey Olivia Nuzzi!

Watch out for them “gut feelings’. Wives and mothers do some pretty flaky shit, especially the authoritarian cultists.

Magda Goebbels: Wife and mother.


Sit on one of Ivanka’s bottles of arse-stink and spin.

Pence, Chaffetz, Flynn, Ms. Lindsey, all of them. If you know a Republican, you know a goddamn traitor. Build a fucking wall, hell! Fly these bastards out in a cargo plane and kick their asses out over Minsk.


Suddenly, after the inconceivable (and, we are now beginning to realize, suspicious) Trump victory, the nation was forced to contend with what it would mean, whether the “alt-right” was a true threat or a joke to be tolerated Did it matter that Trump had opened up a sewer pipe of racial hatred? Once again, normalization was the buzzword.

The rush to condemn the protesters at Berkeley is one facet of the program to normalize Trump. If you aren’t willing to fight Trump and his Republicans, if you aren’t willing to bleed some now, you are either with him, or you are going to bleed a whole lot, later. As someone has mentioned, when you seem to only elevate the speech rights of bigots and fascists, yet you are strangely silent on the rights of, for example, Black Lives Matter activists, then you are not pro-free speech-you are a fucking bigot.

When you are oddly silent about the curb stomping of Democratic voters by Republican thugs, but condemn the use of violence against racist firebrands like Yiannapolis, then you have been compromised. You are part and parcel of the normalization process. And you are  decidedly with the enemy.

And if you doubt for a moment where Republicans stand, and I’m talking about every goddamned one, from the Paul Ryan fanboi to the language mauling creep, here’s where they fucking stand. With Putin. They are fucking traitors. Every last ass-licking piss poor excuse for a human being among them.

You might find my style vulgar, but fuck you if you do. There’s nothing more vulgar than racism, state sanctioned murder of dissedents, and nominating members of the “fascism forever club” to the fucking supreme court.

It’s like Hunter S. Thompson said. It was over when they installed Bush. The Generals and the racist court and Wall street set this country on a Fascist trajectory from which it will never recover. If ever there came a day of justice, all Republicans would sicken and die away, like motherfucking Putin’s critics. But there will be no justice as long as Republicans are anywhere close to the seat of power, much less in charge.

for the loathsome fecal encephalopaths from Michigan’s “Fuck ’em if they’ll have ye” lege, but it’s a little odd to see erstwhile “liberals’ jump on this shitwagon. Dissent is only for Koch-funded cosplayers?


My advice to people who are dismayed by the protests is to get the fuck on over to the bumfuck in Russia your serf-ass soul was hatched from, and drink bug spray with God’s own cirrhotic slaves.

At any rate, Just fucking give up all pretense of being a free people, because you haven’t got the guts or the brains for it.

Just the cock, or will they throat the balls too?

I was a little shit in High School, nowhere near the liberal I am now. I had yet to learn just how much the ambient atmosphere of American racism made most of my assumptions pure bullshit. I’m sure i’ll go to my grave with a head full of racist misconceptions. We are all in some ways victims of a kind of creeping intellectual poverty.

But this is not the kind of joke anyone I would have associated with would have made. It would have earned them the shun among everybody except the most loathsome redneck trash and/ or the football team. But there were plenty of parents who promoted this kind of shit. All Republican.

Never let a Republican refer to Robert Byrd again without ripping them a new asshole.

To let Nazis live.