Requiem for the crappies.

The pockets of our donors burst with money
No liquor den or glory hole would turn us out
We moved among the men who yanked our pizzles
And told us where was money, there was mouth

We found new tactics to suppress the voter
We summoned help from Sessions and from Trump
And passed illegal legislation in flagrante
And all the while we took it up the rump.

We gathered at lake parties by the dozens
Slapping, tickling, to the Embers, by the dock
The roadside littered with our gin-blasted cousins
But we’d already sucked the judge’s cock.


They’ll kiss that Trump ass until their tongues are sore. There isn’t a southern Republican with an ounce of self respect. Being a craven, self annihilating toady is in their DNA. It’s the result of centuries of sisterfucking and a type-2 diabetes inducing diet.

Gutless racist trash.

Maybe Hee Haw was a documentary. A bunch of cousinfucks looking for a Yankee grifter’s ass to kiss. Your president thinks you’re idiots. And you know, he’s right about that one.

In the name of God.

When Roxboro hanged Ed Roach, it did so with the acclimation of a minimum of two hundred of its citizens. It cannot have done it without the active participation of its police department, who were likely still attired in their Confederate gray. The postmaster thought it a prank. The surrounding countryside, from Durham to Robeson, thought it an edifying moment.

What we know now is a substantial portion of the whites in Roxboro killed an innocent man and indulged in a subsequent reign of terror, including threats by mail, bombings, and for all we know, killings that will never know the light of justice. There are people walking the streets of this town who are the grandchildren and great grandchildren of this mob. It’s not that long ago.

And they’ve formed up behind Trump, because his is the promise of a new day for the gutter. The masked mass. The fearful.

I know you Republicans are currently engaged in a campaign of projection. I’m no longer in a position where I think it is feasible or wise to ask you to reconsider your violent pose toward the body politic. I’ve seen what you do, and your methods are unchanged over the course of more than a century. I don’t owe you the vaguest whiff of human sentiment. I know precisely what bargain you would offer me.

That are the Republican Party are circling up for their firing squad. Trump’s circling the shitter.

Their president is a tool of Vladimir Putin’s white ethnonationalist enterprise. He is a criminal, and the entire membership of the Republican party are his treasonous accomplices. They should hang.

Piece of white shit can’t even manage a Fox News interview. And once again, what is it with Republicans and that goddamn hair gel?