And that’s what we need. Not some mealy-mouthed shitpants old white man jacking off to his grave. We need to sweep the Russian trash and its mumblefuck enablers out of this country. I hope President Pelosi does it with extreme prejudice.


…”aren’t big fans of Nancy Pelosi.” Eat a river of flaming shit.

When I watched Nancy Nall boast about telling Black Lives Matter protesters to “BE QUIET!” I knew white “journalists” are taught to process information as though it were a profit center or a means of enforcing white space.

You can count on the press failing at every level without the slightest prompting. They believe the truth can be found in an envelope containing a boat, car or house payment from a right wing source. They automatically cower before perceived authority; and when the moment arises where the stark choice between right and wrong is painfully evident, they will side with the dollar every time.

There are times in this life where you are handed a moment that defines your soul. Our press is already a clique of hollowed out, acquisitive dead. I don’t know why people expose themselves to TV news to watch these characters suck dick.

When me and Mrs. Basset first moved to Tennessee my sugar was about right, so we really loved driving down a block from our house and spending lunch through dinner at Lester’s Gobs o’ Chicken and Ribs. The hamnoodle hamaroni went down reeel good with their sassafras and peanut butter shake. That was before Lester was forced to admit blacks and closed the place down, drove home in his Tundra Moss Gray Studebaker Avanti, shut the garage door and tried to gas himself- but his employees had sugared his gas tank and the engine cut out.

It was already getting hard to find good help.

Lester walked with his shotgun the whole half-block to the dealership to register a complaint and the police handcuffed him and he wound up in the bughouse. I used to visit him and we would eat the jello ham curry powder mold together. In those days the Nashville Home for the Delusional and Slightly Scary served buckets of whole, deep fried russet potatoes. Someone told me they put antipsychotics in the whipped butter, but I never noticed any, and I ate that delicious creamy delight by the fistful. Those were uncommonly peaceful, serene days. Sometimes I think about those times during the holidays and I get sullen and angry. I hate a Christmas tree.

and his support of MAGA racist trash should wake people up to the fact our media is gutter cheap and easily compromised. All the Russians or klansmen have to do is dangle a boat or house payment in front of these mediocrities and they’ll dance whatever dance their paymasters want. J-school must just be flat out teaching asslicking, because I’ve seen this craveness across all the various disciplines of journalism, or at least its pathetic American iteration.

From the local shitrags to the fawning cryptofascists made up to sit in front of A TV camera, the default position is kissing up to perceived wealth or arrogant power. When the people they are currently sucking off turn around and start loading the fuckers on the cattle cars, they’ll be wailing about injustice. But until that day, they are indisputably with our enemies.

…will be a welcome commenter on Nancy Nall’s site. He can yuck it up with Pilot Joe, Basset, Jeff Gill, beb and Jackash.

When Nancy Nall and her commentariat are discussing bitchin’ cars and the moon, let’s remember that white people are committed to perishing together as fools. Let them shab ass out on a cold evening to watch the moon be red in their old white people bedtime clothes. There won’t be many more eclipses for them, ‘cepting the big one.

Where people start to realize the whole “pro life” scam was based on white supremacy and segregation. If not, it might be the point at which the patchy edifice of right-wing Christianity begins its natural tendency to violent Balkanization. They’re gonna get their persecution, but as usual, they’ll get it at their own bloody hands. I can’t say I’ll either be surprised or dismayed by the hateful variety of Christians turning the shotguns on each other, or opening the holiday camps for insufficiently pious racists. As long as the impacts can be limited to their own blood and soil constituencies.

how much is lost when you cede the argument to hillbilly trash. They only want a world where they put their pink spawn into baseball or football or jazz club. It’s not the kids. it’s the periliterate parents, showing off through their babies. Gross anemic asswipes.

This particular Nancy Nall asswipe can’t line up firmly enough behind Republicans when one shows up. He’s a frequent Neil Steinberg troll and all around twat.

Jakash said on January 18, 2019 at 7:47 pm

Agreed, Sherri, but it’s just an even more shocking, deplorable continuation of how “dishonorable and unpatriotic” he’s been at least since Obama was elected. What other interpretation can there be for “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president” or “One of my proudest moments was when I looked at Barack Obama in the eye and I said, ‘Mr. President, you will not fill this Supreme Court vacancy.’”

My mistake was in actually believing that when Hair Furor’s incompetence, evident criminality and likely treason became this obvious, that at some point those ever-so-patriotic, red, white and blue (but mainly white, of course) Republican Congresscritters would have to finally step up. The most logical explanation at this point for why they haven’t seems to me to be that many of them are too implicated themselves to do so.

Bitch, your mistake is believing in yourself. You’re in your element at Nancy’s rest home, a living parody of NPR donors. Thirsty old sumbitches at the living end. There’s something glorious about it, really. Death closing in on mediocrity and making it squeak. I think one of the wonders of soft racism is the lengths it will go to burnish the credentials of its extreme brethren.