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Republicans are human shit, and they should burn.

If they don’t respect democracy, then the only option is violence. Break their stuff. Sack their fucking houses. Hound them through the streets. Stone them. Bleed them. Let them feel the will of the people in the only way they can understand.


We’ll miss those family brawls, the shootemups, the secessionist racist horseshit and all the preachin’ and fuckin’. There’s always being a camp follower for some NBA team.

On the day when all you Person County shitbritches went out to prance around in paramilitary gear and beat off to the flag (The one that isn’t your flag to begin with) your rawdogging whore of a president was planning to suck some Taliban dick.

Y’all ought to be parachuted into Helmland province with nothing but a bag of Slim Jims and some skoal bandits, so your new Taliban friends can cut your asses apart with their brand new Russian AKs.

Once traitors, always traitors. Get the fuck out of my country, you dog trash.

Poland as a metaphor for the fucked up superstition plagued backwaters of our own benighted country?

We don’t have far to fall to start living this nightmare.

Catholic Poland will never atone for its savagery, and it will always be on the verge of great crimes. Everywhere the legacy of chattel slavery is murder: from the simian caucasoids of Europe, to the cousinfucks of tobacco road.

You’re soaking in it. Your Nazi neighbors voted it in. You are safe nowhere because their primary motive is to drag you into their hellscape of violence. You were warned.

…off the front steps of Mar-a-Lago.

If you voted Republican post-Eisenhower, you built this. If there’s a hell, you’ll fry in it.

On May 25, 2006, the commission “held a ceremony in the chapel at Bennett College for Women to release its final report to the public.”[7] Totaling in excess of 500 pages, the commission’s report found that Nelson Johnson did indeed plan the march, which was state-wide, for the stated purposes of promoting social, economic and racial justice. Johnson had also followed proper procedure by applying for a parade permit from the Greensboro Police Department, listing Morningside Homes as the starting point for the march. The police, however, gave their informant, Klan member Eddie Dawson, a copy of the permit which provided the exact route and time of the march. The report also revealed that the police were well aware of the history between, on the one hand, the KKK and the American Nazi Party, and the Communist Workers Party (CWP) on the other. There had been an earlier confrontation between the groups in China Grove, North Carolina, and it was clear that the KKK and the American Nazi Party were purposely looking for an opportunity to exact revenge. The police also knew that it was the intention of both the KKK and the American Nazi Party to confront the protesters, make an attempt to prevent the march from occurring, and above all, that members from each group would very likely be armed with firearms. The police further knew that if the march was in fact disrupted, that Klan and American Nazi Party members would be acting in direct violation of the protesters’ right of free speech and their right to assemble, both of which are protected in the First Amendment of the United States constitution. In advance of the march, Johnson was required by the Greensboro police to sign a form agreeing that he and his fellow protesters and he would not be armed. Though some did defy the agreement, North Carolina laws in 1979 did not make it illegal for the protesters to carry weapons. The commission found, “The idea of armed self-defense is acceptable and deeply embedded in our national identity and tradition [yet] there is a double standard by which armed black people are seen as an unacceptable threat.”

Your jakeleg memento mori just got clocked by a speedbag. He’s a living metaphor for your ability to think.

He’s also on your TV talking up the Chinese Communist regime. Y’all ready to take up melting the family cutlery to make pig iron?

It is widely regarded by historians that The Great Leap resulted in tens of millions of deaths. A lower-end estimate is 18 million, while research by Chinese historian Yu Xiguang suggests a death toll closer to 56 million.

The years of the Great Leap Forward saw economic regression, with 1958 through 1962 being one of two periods between 1953 and 1976 in which China’s economy shrank.[5] Political economist Dwight Perkins argues, “enormous amounts of investment produced only modest increases in production or none at all. … In short, the Great Leap was a very expensive disaster.”

Bernie is an agitprop candidate straight out of 1970s Moscow and y’all gonna eat that old dirtbag’s shit.

Get the fuck out of America, you Crisco sucking lipopalegics.

Yesterday all that blue money you have your retirement riding on just got a lot bluer. Donald Trump and his Russian handlers decided it was a good day to short everything on the Dow and cash out before this fascist experiment ends in a welter of blood. Anyone who’s surprised by the inevitable Trump recession has ignored the effects of every post-Eisenhower Republican presidency on the economy. The return to Jim Crow that Trump promised every piece of human shit who was gutter enough to slither out and vote for him was their overriding consideration. Racist apoplexy.

Soon that white filth will be too hungry to crawl. They’ll have their kill sticks and a limited stockpile of Jim Bakker dehydrated milk, but aside from a few spectacular instances of public bloodletting down at the Wal Mart or the Mosque or Synagogue, history is clear that the one group white dreck despises above all is its own broodmates. Once the big hungry kicks in, there’ll be quite a few trash palaces perforated with automatic weapons fire, and with the depressed housing market, some of them will go weeks, even months before some realtor finds out the neighborhood’s an above ground necropolis, entire families sprawled in puddles of blood and shit before the altar of the big screen TV.

Beause white daddy is going to unload that assault rifle on somebody. That’s what he bought it for. And hey, when the target’s close at hand, why not? The house ain’t never gone git paid for. There ain’t never gone be enough money to lipo Mama’s ass. And the kids? Them little fuckers suddenly got all ravenous when there won’t enough money to feed ‘em.

So boom, boom, boom.