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how much is lost when you cede the argument to hillbilly trash. They only want a world where they put their pink spawn into baseball or football or jazz club. It’s not the kids. it’s the periliterate parents, showing off through their babies. Gross anemic asswipes.


This particular Nancy Nall asswipe can’t line up firmly enough behind Republicans when one shows up. He’s a frequent Neil Steinberg troll and all around twat.

Jakash said on January 18, 2019 at 7:47 pm

Agreed, Sherri, but it’s just an even more shocking, deplorable continuation of how “dishonorable and unpatriotic” he’s been at least since Obama was elected. What other interpretation can there be for “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president” or “One of my proudest moments was when I looked at Barack Obama in the eye and I said, ‘Mr. President, you will not fill this Supreme Court vacancy.’”

My mistake was in actually believing that when Hair Furor’s incompetence, evident criminality and likely treason became this obvious, that at some point those ever-so-patriotic, red, white and blue (but mainly white, of course) Republican Congresscritters would have to finally step up. The most logical explanation at this point for why they haven’t seems to me to be that many of them are too implicated themselves to do so.

Bitch, your mistake is believing in yourself. You’re in your element at Nancy’s rest home, a living parody of NPR donors. Thirsty old sumbitches at the living end. There’s something glorious about it, really. Death closing in on mediocrity and making it squeak. I think one of the wonders of soft racism is the lengths it will go to burnish the credentials of its extreme brethren.

JeffTMMO is a little fascist, and Nancy will kiss his ass up and down because she’s got Elmer Gantry syndrome. She’ll also start deleting your comments if you push the issue, because that’s the way she rolls.

Sherri said on January 18, 2019 at 10:30 am

As I posted on the last thread just before a new one showed up, the big question is why is Mitch McConnell covering for a criminal? Jeff(tmmo), do you still think he’s “not an ideologue”?

You have to keep in mind her blog is primarily a site for old racist men shuffling off to death. It appears to be a kink.

…ought to be shaking in your shit.

Sucking that Republican dick with everything you got and it ain’t gonna help you pay for your house or boat. Just made you complicit in treason. Well, you’ve always got your racism to keep you warm.

… many of the shitheads who believed this kind of propaganda are currently clogging the amputee wards of the local hospital, or are nodding to Brompton’s elixir in the hospice. Hopefully a lot more of them will be off to see their god before they can vote again, or make another donation to NPR.

I remember the kind of egregious assholes who lined up behind the Mormon/Randian assflower ticket. If you don’t think they’d fly up Trump’s ass to suck his partially digested filet o’fish, then air is wasted on you.

…when you’re sucking Rick Snyder’s or any other Republican’s asshole, you’re sucking on a firehose filled with Russian shit. You might want to consider stopping sucking that shit.

…this boy up around Cedar Grove.
Sometime around ’73.

People act like talking to the dead is some kind of specialty. I talk to the dead on pretty much a nightly basis. What precious little sleep I get is marred by the fuckers weeping and carrying on as if they were alive; and they are. My dead will follow me and my dreaming life to the grave- telling me their cancer’s getting better, or getting me to help them rob a liquor store so they can join a frat. I think it would have helped if my waking life had borne more of a semblance of reality, but I’m a southerner fuck you; and the older I get, that blurry line between sleep and wakefulness is like a streak of molasses on a plate dividing grits and fried eggs from a Niciose salad. You would be alarmed how permeable that border is, and how natural it tastes.

I love the world enough, but I hope it’s not enough to prevent me from leaving it in peace. I don’t want to fuck with people’s sleep. I want to die thoroughly, and atomize in the consciences of my fellow beings. Because if I were to haunt them, I would be so frighteningly needy they’d ultimately have to mortgage their houses to pay for therapy. I’m currently not in negotiations with my ghost, but I don’t need to be to tell you that motherfucker is a sleep devourer.

I’m not telling you you’ve got to bury me in my home soil in a lead casket surrounded by two hundred cubic yards of concrete, although that might be a start, but I am telling you. Martha my dear, forget me. Forget me. Forget me.

…freshly minted “Democrat” JeffTMMO’s lying ass. I know you’ve got far shorter memories than maze rats, but he’s the same fucker who claims Democrats “just want open borders”: you love the self-fanfic he presents about his sainthood in the face of the opioid crisis, but here’s where he and his his party were in 2016.

I would start me a business taking dumbass midwesterner’s money- all it would take is a little Jesusiness and shoving a couple of lemondrops up my ass to make the kissing sweeter, but y’all done been took. Cleaned out.

Buncha dumbass white poors.