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Filthy brillo-pubed monstrosity of a fratfuck. Is ol’ mushroom cock gonna have to strap on a pistol to compensate, like Chris Weaver? Has he boned his daughter with that fungchunk?

You people are the scum of the earth. Takes a shitload of nerve for you dripcocks to accuse me of vulgarity.

Artist’s conception of the Presidential portobello:

Nothing can be more vulgar than you murdering, rapist trash. There isn’t a Republican alive who shouldn’t be in jail until they can be scraped out of it with a shovel.

And this pro-murder whore has a sinecure at Duke. Fuck Duke. Duke is now officially a school for fascists. It should be sold off for bars and restaurants.

He’s unfit for life outside of prison.

If you support this guy, your daughters should cut your throats.

They just digging deeper in the shitter to find these creeps.

This isn’t some fresh product of Trumpism. This is the way all Republicans think. This is getting down to the core of their miserable psyches.

I know a certain preacher who’ll have to tie himself in knots to defend a rapist, so here’s a few suggestions for some saccharine casuistry.

1.What’s a little rape between friends?
2.Young men get enmeshed in a web of sin all the time.
3.It’s the permissive abortifacient culture.
4.Do you really expect the boys at the Catholic school to know how to interact with women when their only experience of sex is with a priest?
5.Let’s not get carried away with old allegations.
6. It’s not gay if it’s in a three way.
7. I have visited many homes of the poor and it’s terrible. Let us cut the corporate tax rate forever.
8. Young black men need fathers to keep them from being predators. No, not THAT kind of father.
9. Muh foot done fell off. Anyone know a good recipe for pork tenderloin?
10. Grace and peace.

…respect the agency of women will always be the party of rapists. The Republicans already have a rapist president; now they’re trying to shoehorn one onto the Supreme court.

One way or another, Republicans will violently usurp control over women’s bodies.

To Republicans who worked against Obama and dare lecture me about some kind of incivility to a collection of old white feebs.

I worked to elect Obama. You’re kissing some jackleg preacher’s ass who openly despised him. You need to take a long hard look at your priorities.

How do that sweet, sweet Repug ass taste to you now?

Maybe Rick Snyder has a couple more PR gigs to throw Nancy’s way.

But not nearly as bugfuck crazy as the preliterates and ass crawling traitor trash who voted for him. They ought to open up all the mental institutions that Reagan shut down and pack them full of dumbass white southerners. Person County alone ought to account for two or three supermax lunatic storage centers.