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… of this child should be jailed for the remainder of their worthless lives.


…upon the police to protect you when they are allowing terrorists to act with impunity. There are too many right wing ideologues in law enforcement. Too many Aryan Nations fuckheads wearing a badge.

If advocating for a professional police force that is not disposed toward racist conduct is anti-cop, then what the hell is pro-cop at this juncture? What else can it be?

You keep repeating yourselves. It’s a sign of moral vacuousness attended by abject stupidity.

…like Chris Weaver.

…needs to stop right now. The Republican Party is the party of stochastic terror. Their rhetoric is the foundation of mass murder. For the good of the country most of them should be incarcerated.

…swapping some spit.

Find a room and fuck, you fucking lowlife white shit.

…needs to be tried, convicted, and shot by a firing squad. Everything the republicans have touched has turned to evil shit.

…is catnip to the numbnuts out at Nancy Nall. They’ve done hillbilly elegied their fat asses into a white trash/ David Brooks trance. Like whirling Dervishes suspended in a jar of marshmallow creme.

Here’s a little something for them.
A curse.
I hope you, your children, and your children’s children will live in a nation whose police forces protect only those who can afford their services. I hope you will live in a nation where you and your offspring’s education, achievements and talents must take a back seat to a handful of dumbasses whose sole skill is burning through an inheritance that was cobbled from outright theft.

I hope your children will make the grave mistake of attending frat parties where the likes of Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, and Donald Trump are hunting someone to strangle/rape, and your dumbass male child is trying to get on the frat/ corporate ladder by being stripped naked, deposited in the woods some forty miles from campus and left to die of hypothermia as a clear signal to disabuse strivers of the notion they can ever be one of the in-group.

I hope one day you will have to live with your belly close enough to the earth so you begin to understand just how much the people you voted for were willing to fuck it up for a dollar. I hope some extraction industry discovers one last item of value on whatever property you own so they can have the courts take it away from you.

I hope everything you worked to build with your aged, broken bodies is seized from you by a treasonous clique of inbreds who celebrate a cult of murder with bronze and marble totems, and who celebrate centuries of ascendancy with periodic blood sacrifice enacted by their police departments.

I hope you will one day be confined to your homes for fear that your workplace or shopping center, your nightclub, your sports arena, or your goddamn highways will be the scene of one of the now daily mass shootings rippling across this dystopia with the increasing severity of some nightmare airborne metastasis.

But in the end, these are idle wishes, because this is already your birthright, in what your country has become. What you, white trash, built with your fever dream that you could live by the color of your skin alone.

This belongs to you. Eat it fucking raw.

OU J Skoo.

My name is Nancy and today I want to talk about how both sides. Sometimes one side is a black and one side is a white and both are very bad because I work for a news that tells me this. The president is a vary bad man but that other party reach really far, too. Making a black president like they did.
When there was a black president he reached and made the White people upset so they reach some, too , but this is expectable. They din’t poison the water it was a accident of misfortune, but you can never convince the balck one of that.

Did you know there are people what don’t like Semite? They are called ant semites and I never understand this. They never mention this in the catholic church because it isn’t Pius. I always thought very weird thing to hate, not like black where there is a pushy too but there is a color. Someone told me about the council of Nicotene where the jews came in for their share of blame for killing jesus, but you know, kill jesus, get some guff. Still, really weird.
This is my story for today. Things go around and come around and both side reach too far they should just be frens.

Gubbert: This too too good. Many people think only one side. But both are sides. I seen it.

Bussert:I seen this too at a Henry Ford museum it was elderly protocol of Sodom. It reached too far, but some said not far enough.

Bunny: There is goodness, and there is badness and you can have too much of a thing, and especially all that complaining that some people do. Everybody has a thing to answer for. Answer to?

Jeff the scouter: I make a shinny stick with two side. Lazy side vote a democrat. Haha.

Glubbert: Good one Jeff!