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by the neck until dead.

All members of the traitor party should get hard labor for the rest of their natural lives, at half rations. One lesson you can take from the American Civil war is you never let a motherfucking traitor go home alive.


Hey Nallards! Remember this when you’re drinking Jeff TMMO’s dick how he claims to respect the “sanctity of life” but asks you “Whaddya want? Open borders?”

He’s just trolling you median functioning shitheads. He thinks you’re dumbasses, and I suspect it’s the one fucking case he might have a point.

From the gooey 1940’s picture magazine style to its Church of Latter Day Saints TV ad ripoff, this little tit-bit could be from Rod Dreher’s mailbag. But this is one of Nancy Nall’s resident Republican asswipes.

Yesterday, at a gas station in southern Ohio, I saw an interesting sight. There was an SUV with its hood propped up and three very frustrated individuals crowded around it trying to figure out what was wrong. A beat up red pick up truck arrived in the parking lot. A man in his 60s got out. He walked over to the SUV and started talking to them. When we pulled away from the gas station, he was trying to help them with their car. It was a friendly interaction by someone who genuinely wanted to help.

The pickup truck had a Trump-Pence bumper sticker and a Confederate flag on it. The man also wore an open carry sidearm on his belt. He was white.

The three occupants of the SUV were African-American.

It’s appalling to me that nobody out there sees through this transparent horseshit. It’s like a Red Sovine number performed by Father Coughlin.

EDIT: I think Red would have talked it through this way.

I was at a gas station in southern Ohier
To get myself an my fambly a banana moon pie-er
When I noterced some negroes at a SUV
Baffled by modern technology
Then along come ol’ Rusty with his sidepiece ashow
Confederate plates and that Trump-Pence glow
“Kin’ I help you fellers?” he said as he spit
And the three black un’s mumbled ”Uh oh. Oh shit.”
But ol’ Rusty din’ pay them aggressions no mine
To the tips of his of his boots
he was genrous and kine…

If it comes from Ohio and it’s got an R after its name, it’s had a child on its dick.

Someone needs to separate the Republican men from the boys in Ohio. With a crowbar.

Also, it might be a good idea to check any Republican owned pizzerias in DC for pedophilia basements, given the Republican proclivities for nonstop projection and underage sex.

All the handwringing by “liberals” who spent the entire Obama years giving Republicans not just a platform, but an outright ballwashing.
“Save your strength” my ass, traitor.

Why don’t you ask JeffTMMO about this?

Force their hand. Show us what that “pro-life ” shit is all about.

If you aren’t up for it, you’re a motherfucking traitor bitch.

Have a fucking nerve to complain about the culture of hypercivility while they’re feeding out at the Nancy Nall rest home. They eat and breathe it. Never seen a Republican crotch they wouldn’t ride to the fucking gas chamber.

Are you afraid yet? Because your ass is next.

You don’t know this, because you don’t read, but it’s a very short step from exile to extermination. And the beast eats everything.

Nancy Nall had her pants in a twist when Chelsea Clinton got a TV gig. She never says shit about this foaming Fascist whore.