Republican ethics in ACTION:

Are every one of these motherfuckers sleazeballs, or just the ones that have an actual connection to the party?

One of those ECU Republicans. Perhaps even sorrier than the rest of that miserable subhuman lot.

the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do

For most people, blowing a kid’s brains out would be hard. Not Darren Wilson. The hardest thing he’s ever had to do was quit his job as a shouty authoritarian hillbilly sumpmuffin and bank on the wingnut welfare checks floating him and his new mother/wife until Regnery finds a ghostwriter for his kampfroman.

I’ll tell you the hardest thing you’ll have to do, Darren. Having all that money and no place to spend it. Not even to be able to walk into one of your favorite shitkicker cop bars and buy a round for the racists and perverts smearing shit on the restroom walls.

Because the rest of it is all hiding and waiting, innit.


Says Merle:”Mark was sorry he couldn’t be here, but he had to compose the musical program for this Sunday’s White Pride Thanksgiving. Let me just tell y’all how grateful I am fer the tailpipe!”

It’s sort of the way of cunts. Having all of the money and the stupid. The fear and the racism.

When they’re not sucking Mag Thatcher’s dead tits, they’re fucking workhouse boys and killing them.

Bad people. Badly made.

This is where Republicans usually get their money-through marriage to some family of crooks. We’ve got a bunch of junior McConnells here, just itching to sell America some blow:

And why he is completely unfit to hold office in NC or anywhere else:

We don’t need that white trash here. Got plenty.

Maybe once he finishes his sentence in Georgia, he’ll move over to Hyco lake. He’s even got that bug-eyed creepy look they like so much here.

If his county’s anything like this one, he’ll just get continuations while they scrub the charges altogether. It’s a good time in America to be a moldy slab of white trash.

Roxboro NC: Republicans protesting the arrest of former BOE member Leigh Woodall are demanding answers regarding the status of his white privilege card, and his treatment in full public view of assembled Democratic early voters, many of whom will remember the incident wistfully for the rest of their lives.

After conducting an initial investigation, Internal Affairs officers noted that “Subject Leigh Woodall, described by officer as a pear shaped sweaty anger bear became belligerent after pulled for stop sign violation. Officer warned subject to calm down whereupon subject violated arrestee protocol by asking officer Do you know who the f—I am?” Whereupon subject was zip tied while staring at close range at hood of officer’s car.

Officer stated that subject might have reached for officer’s gun, but also might not have. Tests for marijuana, powdered cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, bath salts, tar process heroin, LSD and psilocybin were inconclusive, whereas traces of Viagra, Red Bull, and Lipitor were in evidence prior to lab work.

Subject may or may not have been captured minutes previously on a Shell Station video camera shoplifting several packages of Ex-Tenze, two bottles of Johnny Bootleggers’ Green Apple Nightmare, and several Honey-Bun cakes.

When do you call a Nazi a shit-eating gropefather of a cousinfucking Nazi slut a Nazi?

When it’s in the Person County Republican party.

Fucking Mosleyite shite.



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