And why he is completely unfit to hold office in NC or anywhere else:

We don’t need that white trash here. Got plenty.

Maybe once he finishes his sentence in Georgia, he’ll move over to Hyco lake. He’s even got that bug-eyed creepy look they like so much here.

If his county’s anything like this one, he’ll just get continuations while they scrub the charges altogether. It’s a good time in America to be a moldy slab of white trash.

Roxboro NC: Republicans protesting the arrest of former BOE member Leigh Woodall are demanding answers regarding the status of his white privilege card, and his treatment in full public view of assembled Democratic early voters, many of whom will remember the incident wistfully for the rest of their lives.

After conducting an initial investigation, Internal Affairs officers noted that “Subject Leigh Woodall, described by officer as a pear shaped sweaty anger bear became belligerent after pulled for stop sign violation. Officer warned subject to calm down whereupon subject violated arrestee protocol by asking officer Do you know who the f—I am?” Whereupon subject was zip tied while staring at close range at hood of officer’s car.

Officer stated that subject might have reached for officer’s gun, but also might not have. Tests for marijuana, powdered cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, bath salts, tar process heroin, LSD and psilocybin were inconclusive, whereas traces of Viagra, Red Bull, and Lipitor were in evidence prior to lab work.

Subject may or may not have been captured minutes previously on a Shell Station video camera shoplifting several packages of Ex-Tenze, two bottles of Johnny Bootleggers’ Green Apple Nightmare, and several Honey-Bun cakes.

When do you call a Nazi a shit-eating gropefather of a cousinfucking Nazi slut a Nazi?

When it’s in the Person County Republican party.

Fucking Mosleyite shite.


Every time a Republican opens its face-hole, you’ll hear how private enterprise works better than the government, so we need to give private enterprise the money the government would otherwise get.

Well, Republicans are going to just have to blow it out their ass, their mouth, and their eyeballs, aren’t they? Too bad they had to take so many innocent human beings with them.

Texas should have been quarantined the moment they started teaching that creationism bullshit. Now would be a good time to start enforcing travel restrictions on states suffering Republican majorities.


Too many of the people who are used to owning and running this county are still clinging to life, and insist on legislating from the edge of the grave. Our institutions are deeply compromised by the presence of old men and social climbers who can’t distinguish between love of country and a desire to ensure they are perpetually flush with cash, even unto their last struggle for a mouthful of air. Part of the problem is that lake and the scuzz that drifts up around it, like wads of hair and dust underneath a mildewed old sofa. It’s a floating world of drunkards, race baiters and theocrats, all of them whistling Dixie out their assholes.

Well at least now the county elders who’ve been power-tossing each other’s salads from the courthouse to the banks of the Hyco will soon have the option of marriage, and they can make themselves partly honest men.

There is progress in this world, after all.

White people, Republicans especially, seem to think it’s alright for them to stand on a corner and yell nigger nigger nigger. They feel no need to apologize for their general shittiness or slovenliness until they’re threatened with jail or a loss of income.

Larry Yarborough stood on a street corner and yelled nigger nigger nigger. In doing so he used photoshop to accent his slurs.

Larry doesn’t seem to understand that as a public figure, he’s not at liberty to behave like a child where his picture might be taken, and he’s not at liberty to demand they be taken down. In fact, that would be an abrogation of the very liberty he takes standing on a street corner yelling nigger nigger nigger.

He’s a drunk fratboy. He’s running for public office. He deserves deference why? That’s for the circle jerk of Person County Republicans to figure out. They need to learn to keep the drunk at home, like me.

EDIT: The North Carolina Republican Party and its teabag subsidiary are lower than shit. There are no redeeming features or qualities. They’re an excrescence. A carbuncle. if you’re not fighting them, you hate your country:

And another edit, this time courtesy the former chair of the South Carolina Republican Party. He sounds like he’s fighting Kyle Puryear’s “war”:

If you’re not fighting Republicans, you’re in bed with them.

Unrepentant Chevy Nova weaponizer and veteran of some ouchy hazing at South Carolina’s Backwoods Bellhop Academy*, Mr. Kyle Puryear, has collided with a telephone pole on Depot street again, lurched out of the passenger side door, fallen down, vomited down his shirt, passed out, woke up agin and started to ramble about the visions a .13 blood alcohol level can produce in a boy what won’t grow the fuck up.

$213,629.00 is the amount of tax dollars lost when the county sued the City of Roxboro over the recreation center to be located at Huck Sansbury Park, along with design fees, all of which I voted against.

Course I voted against it cause people what votes for me don’t want to swim with nigras. Next thing you know there’d be fornications and miscegenations dilutung the fine bloodlines of Person County what produced specimens like me and Leigh Woodall. There’s only one genetic pool to swim in, folks, and she’s your cousin.

That may seem like a drop in the bucket to some officials, but to me it sounds more like Niagara Falls.

P.J. Gentry phoned me this joke on my i-pad and I thought it had to be funny cause it had the N-word in it but I must have been shitfaced or having the dyspepsica without my glasses.

$213,629.00 was truly wasted and our county government has nothing to show for it.

ED. Like those “convenience sites” Kyle ran on, or his promised opposition to the landfill, or his emails which can’t be accessed under the NC public information act because his skank crooked ass has deleted them. The editor’s request for Puryear’s emails was answered with a demand that I provide drunken shitsack Kyle Puryear my email address. This is opening the door to an identity theft grift, as well as being in direct contravention to NC law.  Ahem:

Anyone can request public records and no statement of purpose is required. There are no restrictions placed on the use of records and there is no time limit for a response. Section § 132-6 of the North Carolina Public Records Lawstates that a custodian of public records shall make them available “at reasonable times and under reasonable supervision by any person, and shall, as promptly as possible, furnish copies thereof upon payment of any fees as may be prescribed by law.”

This is just one of many examples that would have been buried deep in the black hole of closed session minutes, never to see the light of day, If I had not been persistent in making the public aware of the financial loss.

ED.Is that the same black hole you’ve had the District Attorney, your attorney, and your party try and sweep your multiple DWI arrests into? Cause it’s blacker than a recreation center swimming pool!

Over the last 8 years, I have opposed wasteful county spending, after all these are your tax dollars and should be treated as such. I ask for your support on Nov. 4th so I can continue to keep watch over your tax dollars.

After I knock back a couple them little pitchers of Coors’ at Dalton’s sports bar with my good friend, shiftless Larry “Swamp Tater” Yarborough. Thankee.

*The Citadel.  HaHa.

Kyle Puryear. Urrrp.

Not to be outdone by his racist drinking buddy, Larry Yarborough wrings the liquor out of his button down shirt, crawls up on the bar, stands up, pitches off the bar, hits his head on the terrazzo floor, gets back up, rolls his eyes into the back of his head and farts this stream of gibberish:

How can Ray Jeffers represent the “working people” if he doesn’t have a job?

ED.The quotation marks are a nice touch, Larry. Are those scare quotes, or is that just Louisianish for Blacks?

What has he done over the last 5 years except be a politician?

ED.He’s President of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, and the Chairman of the National Association of Counties’ Rural Action Caucus. You’ve been nothing but an attempted politician the entire time I’ve had to look at your bloated face in the Courier-Times. Ray’s also been busy putting a boot in your ass at every election, partly because you are an equal opportunity asshole when it comes to alienating voters of every political stripe.

Larry Yarborough has been growing business and creating Jobs.

ED. Being bought out of your wife’s business because, as the purchaser noted “Either that schmuck goes or I do” is only growing jobs in the sense that you, Larry “Swamp Tater” Yarborough, took the money and headed over to Dalton’s Sports Bar to pour liquor down your shirt:


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