During our last meeting of the Democratic Women of Person County, one duespaying white male adjunct member suggested that things had gotten worse for him, that the country had gone downhill, and he blamed it on the Democrats.


This is the kind of shit you come to expect in an anoxic cracklicker burg where Golden Corral is regarded as food, and “Person County Smart” means you just ain’t accidentally blowed an appendage off with a gun. Yet.


But it was enough to piss me off, especially since we had an equally offensive Berniebro shartdrawers  tendentiously explain why he will not vote for the Democratic candidate for President.  Hence, at the earliest possible opportunity, I will suggest that the Person County Democratic Women restrict its membership to women, and rid itself of the unnecessary baggage of a bunch of lumpy shorted misogynist solipsistic cock-wipes.


As my wife pointed out to the old semen-sack, conditions have improved for women and people of color; so much so, that white men feel compelled to enact fresh laws to reverse or restrict the progress of everyone but straight white males. This has recently become a rallying point for white males of “the progressive left” as well. They resemble  Ron Paul racists more than anyone else, and they’re utterly unconscious of that fact.


So I’m bowing out of The Democratic Women, hoping it will set an example for people who don’t  seem to comprehend the aims of the organization. I doubt it will even register will the preternaturally deaf fucks who wash up in this benighted shitsyrup fuckistan because it’s one of the last refuges of white educationally challenged dick-swingers who like fondling guns nearly as much as they hate cracking a goddamn book once every three lunar cycles.


But at least I won’t have to listen to some otiose caucasoid prick whine about his motherfucking butthurt that his cohort can’t lynch blacks or smack women around without the vaguest specter of  legal retribution anymore.


Your goddamn time has come and gone, whiteboy, and you’re about to reap the harvest of your deep, persistent ugliness.