P.J. Gentry’s people waltzed in to The Democratic headquarters last night. This is what they look like, and this is what they did.

I was watching out front, because we’d bought five or six bags of candy for the trick-or- treaters. The Pentecostal church in the same group of buildings was having a party, and parents were already showing up with their kids.

The guy in the skull mask opened the door and began pointing at a Black Votes Matter sign and drawing his finger across his neck. Mimes are ALWAYS so fucking annoying. He then pointed at me and drew his finger across his neck. Having been a bartender in a semi-redneck town for a couple of years, I knew what he was miming, and the implications of his mask. I also remembered what the cops at the bar told me: “If some loser comes over that bar, their ass is yours. Pop them over the top of the skull as hard as you can with that Galliano bottle. It isn’t good for anything else. Don’t worry about killing them. You aren’t big enough.”

Well, he was over the bar.

I didn’t have a Galliano bottle, so I told him to GET OUT. I told him GET YOUR WHITE TRASH ASS OUT, and when he pussed out to the van where his goddamn CHILDREN were screaming “GET BACK IN THE CAR, DADDY!” I yelled for someone in the office to bring a phone up and get these pictures. There’s video, too, complete with yours truly yelling some more shit at them, mostly FUCKING RACIST TRASH and WHITE FUCKING TRASH. Some people may call that classist, but classism isn’t against the law, per se.

Assault is, much.

I called 911. When the officer arrived, I told him “I’d never even think about setting foot near the Republican headquarters, and I’m the hothead here. We don’t play that. What is wrong with these people? “ He indicated that anyone would be ill advised to walk into a person’s place of business and make threats, even if they’re Marcel Marceau dressed in a bloody skull mask. He said he’d try and find them, but without a license plate number…”

“I’m just giving y’all a heads-up” I said.

So, P.J., when are you going to inform the monkeys at your shit-trench of a headquarters that this isn’t Weimar Germany, and there’s no place for your steaming cracker shit-trash in the political process? Are you going to tell your defectives to stop wrapping deer carcasses around Hillary supporters’ mailboxes?

I have the sick feeling I can answer that question for you. These backwoods cousinfucks are your people. They’re all you’ve got. And you’re as shameless and violently stupid as the worst of them.

Oh, and BTW, you can stop sending Gerald Wallace over to offer do “security”. We already have that cunt’s number. It’s sad to see a young man living the life of a double-naught spy.