It’s pointless to go into all the “where did it go wrong “shit, when it was always wrong. The progenitors of the American state were fascists of the first water, and the authors of the constitution were stewards of half a millennia of a bestial slavery, childfucking, and the breeding of a white subclass of humanity that should have been hanged and burned at numerous crossroads of morality and justice before we got to Donald Trump.

White people are not only immune to justice, they fight it. Even when they’re bemoaning the plight of the less fortunate, they’re doing everything they can to increase the misfortune of the insufficiently pink. I used to think it was a blind spot fed by the overconsumption of pork products and mayonnaise- the Ohio Diet, if you will. But it’s deeper. It’s the antinomian Christianity, the bespoke Christianity of white trash- the complacent suburban cocksucking that leads to NPR and Breitbart, and the worship of football at the expense of libraries and books.

So while you’re sucking some Methodist preacher’s dick in some slick pretense of even-handedness, you might start wondering how you sold your country’s –and your daughter’s ass.