Wednesday you’ve got to call your representative and tell them you are tired of eating shit, and you want a public healthcare option. You don’t care if they’re a Democrat or Republican, but they’d better get a clue that the white trash the networks have been giving a long deepthroated hummer since August aren’t merely dupes and lunatics, but useless sponges sucking tax dollars into the dry sunken waste that is principally the rural South. Sure, they’re other places too, but the vitamin deficiencies, genetic anomalies and endemic ignorance even Roosevelt couldn’t wipe out are still disproportionately burdensome here, and if you’re trying to tell me we ain’t got some of the most backward medieval fucks you’ve ever seen slipping a dick in a Poland- China, then you’re walking on my fightin’ side, Hoss.

Here’s a little something for you to contemplate while you enjoy shelling out ever increasing amounts of cash to avail yourself of the shittiest health care delivery system in the industrialized world: